Измерительное оборудование Юнитест
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оборудование Viavi
Тестеры сетей хранения данных
Тестирование при разработке и производстве
The Viavi storage protocol test solutions accelerate product development so designers can bring network equipment to market faster, reduce development costs, improve product quality and reliability, and ensure interoperability and compliance.  Viavi analyzers carry engineers through initial product development, debugging, compliance verification, manufacturing regression testing, in-field troubleshooting, and even into the network to help administrators gain greater visibility into the data centers to maximize network performance and reliability.
Advanced multifunctional capabilities available on Xgig platform–depending upon the protocol–include:
  • Analyzer
  • Protocol Generator
  • Traffic Load Tester
  • Error Injection/Jammer 
  • Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT)
  • Compliance Tester