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Plan-Um® AP Cabling Project Management Software

Plan-Um JDSU Профессиональное программное обеспечение для документирования кабельной разводки и планирования сети PS150, позволяет создать план этажа, схему портов и проложить кабель.

Makes every structured cabling installation more professional and profitable.


  • Layout and document cabling projects
  • Layout your customers’ residential and/or commercial floorplans in minutes or import
  • AutoCad or Visio images of existing site drawings
  • Name and save each job as you create it
  • Populate each floorplan with specific ports (network, telephone, CATV, etc.), then connect them with cable runs
  • Choose cable types from a drop-down menu (CAT 5, 5E, 6, RG6, etc.)
  • As each cable run is created, it is added to a comprehensive cable test report that shows "to" and "from" locations of the run, and other important testing and labeling information
  • Test each cable, using any JDSU network testers, then fill-in the results on the cable test report
  • Print the layout and cable test schedule, for the customer or your records
  • Print custom labels to identify cable runs as you test them

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