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Перечень веб-семинаров Agilent Technologies

12 tips on how to select your next oscilloscope
By far the #1 factor that most scope users consider when evaluating a new oscilloscope to purchase is bandwidth and its associated sample rate to deliver that bandwidth in real-time (single-shot). This presentation will briefly address each of these oscilloscope consideration factors and we will provide you with some formulas for determining required performance and some general recommendations on what we believe are important things to consider before making your next oscilloscope purchase decision. This presentation will also cover the pros and cons of the various types of oscilloscopes on the market today including:PC-based modules, handheld scopes, portable benchtop scopes based on a custom/embedded operating system and benchtop scopes based on a MicroSoft Windows operating system.
Characterizing MIL-STD 1553 and ARINC 429 serial bus networks
It is now possible in some of today’s more advanced DSOs to automatically trigger on and decode MIL-STD 1553 and ARINC 429 buses. During this seminar we will begin with a review of the protocol and timing of both the MIL-STD 1553 and ARINC 429 buses. With the DSOX3AERO option, we will show how Agilent’s 3000 X-Series oscilloscope can be setup to trigger on specific input or output words/messages based on remote terminal address (RTA) in the case of MIL-STD 1553, or based on specific Labels in the case of ARINC 429. We will then show how physical layer characteristics, such as minimum & maximum voltage swing, transition times, zero-crossing-distortion, and half bit-widths, can be quickly measured and compared against published electrical specifications.
Comment bien choisir une alimentation DC basique
This web seminar was presented in French with the support of our premium distributor Equipements Scientifiques. The 'How to Choose a Basic Power Supply' web seminar highlights the often-neglected factors that should be taken into account when selecting a DC power supply. After attending this seminar, you will be able to understand what product features are required on a power supply to support your specific requirements; understand the cost/value ratio and validate which features to place greater weight and consideration upon.
DC power supply fundamentals to get the most out of your applications
Understanding how measurement tools operate can provide insight into how to improve testing methods. With modern performance and safety features in power supplies, the flexibility exists to create test setups that are simpler and more effective. This web seminar covers 10 fundamentals about your power supply to take advantage of these features.
Debug digital designs faster with advanced parametric triggering
Agilent’s new DSO/MSO3000 X-Series InfiniiVision oscilloscopes come standard with a variety of advanced parametric triggering and search/navigation capabilities. During this presentation you will learn the meaning of each of these violation signal conditions, as well as how to setup the scope to trigger on and test for a variety of parametric signal violation conditions using the scope’s built-in training signals and advanced triggering/search/navigation capabilities.
Debugging automotive serial buses using an Agilent InfiniiVision Series oscilloscope
This web seminar will begin with an overview of the timing and protocol structure of the LIN, CAN, and FlexRay buses. But since FlexRay is the new bus on the block, we will spend most of our time learning about the hierarchical network structure of FlexRay. We will then show how an oscilloscope can be used to trigger on and decode these buses in order to time-correlate data transfer information with the physical layer. We will also talk about why faster decoding is important to capture random errors, and how segmented memory can be used to capture more data than is possible with conventional oscilloscope acquisition memory.We will wrap-up this web seminar with some probing recommendations, as well as required oscilloscope performance (bandwidth and sample rate) to debug the physical layer of automotive systems.
Debugging Serial Buses using an InfiniiVision Series Oscilloscope
Agilent will present a Web-Seminar around lower-speed serial buses, such as I2C, SPI, RS232, CAN, etc. Without intelligent scope serial bus triggering and protocol decode, it can difficult to debug these buses and correlate data transfers. This Web-Seminar will first review the basics of some of the serial buses utilized on today’s digital designs. Then we will discuss and compare some the various technologies to decode them. It will conclude with a discussion on how an oscilloscope’s segmented memory acquisition mode can be used to capture more selective serial bus packets/frames with precise time-tagging over a wider time-span.
Modern remote and wireless test setup and considerations
In our global society we continue to become more and more connected wirelessly to each other and to data or information. The basis or foundation of our global connectivity is Ethernet or LAN which is a hard wired networking standard. We have witnessed and are still witnessing an explosion in low cost wireless devices that sit on the edge of LAN networks and handheld portable wireless computing devices that allow us to access a LAN network from anywhere. In this presentation we will discuss how we can use these various off the shelf devices to access LXI instruments wirelessly from anywhere at any time and some of the security tradeoffs associated with ubiquitous access.
New Oscilloscope Capabilities for Upper-level EE Labs
This web seminar will show a variety of newer oscilloscope tools that students can use to test the analog characteristics of digital designs, like fast waveform update rates, serial bus triggering and decoding, as well as advanced parametric triggering.
Power measurements & analysis using Agilent InfiniiVision 3000 X-series oscilloscopes
To keep pace with technology trends, many of today’s oscilloscopes offer a range of measurement capabilities specifically designed to characterise switch mode power supplies. In this web seminar we will review some of the basics of switching power supplies and discuss in detail some of the specific power supply measurements that are commonly used in designing and characterising today’s switching power supplies. We will show how Agilent’s new DSOX3PWR Power Measurements option on the InfiniiVision 3000 X-Series oscilloscope can help you characterise switching power supplies automatically, consistently, and fast. Moreover, we will cover probing solutions that can help ensure that the most accurate measurements are performed on your systems.
Simulating power transients and noise
In this web seminar we will look how easy it is to create arbitrary power waveforms on modern programmable power supplies for simulating supply transients and noise. We will also look at the technology hurdles that limit the arbitrary waveform bandwidth on modern supplies. Finally we will look at low cost methods for simulating fast power supply transients and high frequency noise beyond the bandwidth limitations of modern power supplies.
The new benefits of the Infoline online equipment management solution
Agilent's Infoline is a free web service that provides Agilent's services customers a range of tools and facilities to help with managing their measurement instruments. Thousands of users regularly use the basic features to check service progress, look up when calibration is due, and book services, but relatively few use the advance Equipment Management features. This web seminar will explore the most recently released new features of Infoline to help with managing your measurement instruments. In greater detail it will cover:my new alerts feature, my Models report, software and firmware updates and how to use it, and download of equipment lists based on purchase and service history.
The right scope probes deliver results
In this web seminar we will present the key criteria for you to use when selecting scope probes. You will also learn the advantages and tradeoffs between probe types, like passive, high speed single ended and differential, High Voltage, Current, etc.... Also you will see some new probing innovations which can make your job easier.
Think Outside the Box: PC-based Oscilloscope Analysis Software
Ever wish you could do additional signal viewing, analysis and documentation tasks away from your scope and target system? With Agilent’s InfiniiView oscilloscope analysis software, now you can. Whether you own an Agilent, Tek, LeCroy or other brand of scope, this webinar will highlight technical capabilities found on newer PC-based oscilloscope analysis tools. All attendees will receive a free 14-day trial license for Agilent’s PC-based InfiniiView which supports file types from a variety of different scopes.